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  Office interior design & decoration 0
৳ 300
Office interior design & decoration
৳ 300
Dhaka , Dhaka
  • Ad Type : Offering
... Decorative Wall Paintï§
Wall Panelingï§
Floor Pattern Designï§
Glass & Wooden Partition
Raised Floorï§
ART Interior is the name of complete office space planning solution, Call for a free ...
  Interior Design for Flat, Office, Showroom, Restaurant 0
Interior Design for Flat, Office, Showroom, Restaurant
৳ 1,200
Dhaka , Dhaka
  • Ad Type : Offering
3d modeling and design consultancy
Architectural building design / Steel structure solution / Landscape Design
Duplex, Factory design
Project cost Estimation
Exterior Design.
Structural Design , ...
  aluminum composite panels (ACP 0
aluminum composite panels (ACP
৳ 320
Dhaka , Dhaka
  • Ad Type : Offering
... to process and installation, so it is very common application. From the building interior to outdoor decoration, from the low-rise buildings to high-rise buildings, can be seen the figure of ...
  False chilling 0
False chilling
৳ 250
Dhaka , Dhaka
  • Ad Type : Offering
... à¦à¦à§à¦à¦¿à¦¨à¦¿à§à¦¾à¦°à¦¿à¦ -à¦à¦° à¦à¦°à§à¦à¦¿à¦à§à¦à¦à¦¾à¦° à¦à¦¬à¦ à¦à¦¨à§à¦à§à¦°à¦¿à§à¦° ডিà¦à¦¾à¦à¦¨à§ রà§à§à¦à§ সà§à¦¬à¦¤à¦¨à§à¦¤à§à¦° বà§à¦¶à¦¿à¦·à§à¦ à¦à¦¬à¦ à¦à§à¦à¦¸à¦ à¦à¦°à§à¦®à¦ªà¦¦à§à¦§à¦¤à¦¿à¥¤

à¦à¦ªà¦¨à¦¾à¦° সাধà§à¦¯ ঠসামরà§à¦¥à§à¦° মধà§à¦¯à§à¦ à¦à¦ªà¦¨à¦¾à¦° সরà§à¦¬à§à¦à§à¦ সনà§à¦¤à§à¦·à§à¦à¦¿à¦° নিশà§à¦à§à¦¤à¦¾ পà§à¦°à¦¦à¦¾à¦¨ à¦à¦°à§ ঠবি à¦à¦à§à¦à¦¿à¦¨à¦¿à§à¦¾à¦°à¦¿à¦ à¦à¦°à§à¦à¦¿à¦à§à¦à§à¦ à¦à¦¨à§à¦¡ à¦à¦¨à§à¦à§à¦°à¦¿à§à¦° ...
  curtain wall 0
curtain wall
৳ 420
Dhaka , Dhaka
  • Ad Type : Offering
... à¦à¦°à¦¾à¦¬à§à¦¨ ভাবà¦à§à¦¨?
ভালৠমানà§à¦° à¦à¦®à§à¦ªà¦¾à¦¨à¦¿ পাà¦à§à¦à§à¦¨ না? à¦à¦¾à¦¦à§à¦° দিà§à§ à¦à¦¾à¦ à¦à¦°à¦¾à¦¬à§à¦¨ তা নিà§à§ দà§à¦¬à¦¿à¦§à¦¾à§ à¦à¦à§à¦¨ ?
à¦à¦ªà¦¨à¦¾à¦° সà¦à¦² à¦à¦¿à¦¨à§à¦¤à¦¾ দà§à¦° à¦à¦°à¦¾à¦° à¦à¦¨à§à¦¯à§ à¦à¦®à¦°à¦¾ à¦à¦ªà¦¨à¦¾à¦° পাশৠà¦à¦à¦¿, à¦à¦®à¦°à¦¾ সারাদà§à¦¶à§ à¦à¦®à¦¾à¦¦à§à¦° সà§à¦¬à¦¾ ...
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  interior decoration 0
interior decoration
৳ 120
Dhaka , Dhaka
  • Ad Type : Offering
... à¦à¦«à¦¿à¦¸, শà§-রà§à¦®, সà§à¦ªà¦¾à¦°à¦¶à¦ª, বà§à¦¯à¦¾à¦à¦, বাà§à¦¿à¦ হাà¦à¦, রà§à¦¸à§à¦à§à¦°à§à¦¨à§à¦ ঠরিসà§à¦°à§à¦ à¦à¦° à¦à¦¨à§à¦à§à¦°à¦¿à§à¦° ডিà¦à¦¾à¦à¦¨ à¦à¦¨à§à¦¡ ডà§à¦à§à¦°à§à¦¶à¦¨ নিà§à§ ভাবà¦à§à¦¨à¥¤

âà¦à¦¨à§à¦à§à¦°à¦¿à§à¦° ডিà¦à¦¾à¦à¦¨ à¦à¦ªà¦¨à¦¾à¦° পারà§à¦¸à¦ªà§à¦à§à¦à¦¿à¦­ লাà¦à¦«à¦¸à§à¦à¦¾à¦à¦² à¦à¦° à¦à¦¥à¦¾ বলà§à¥¤

ð¥ à¦à¦à§à¦à¦¿à¦¨à¦¿à¦¯à¦¼à¦¾à¦¸ à¦à¦°à§à¦à¦¿à¦à§à¦à§à¦à¦¸ à¦à¦¨à§à¦à§à¦°à¦¿à¦¯à¦¼à¦° ...
  aluminium compesit panel (ACP 0
৳ 320
aluminium compesit panel (ACP
৳ 320
Dhaka , Dhaka
  • Ad Type : Offering
... Colom Fitting Sft Alco Tiger
Sublime 370
05 Aluminum Composite Penal (ACP) 3mm (Chinse) Round Colom Fitting Sft Alco Tiger
Sublime 340
06 Aluminum Composite ...
  Interior Decoration Service 0
Interior Decoration Service
৳ 1,200
Dhaka , Dhaka
  • Ad Type : Offering
... extending or building a new home, We will add value to your building and will work to ensure good quality.
Flat, Office ...
  ACP 0
৳ 290
Dhaka , Dhaka
  • Ad Type : Offering
... Coated
Certification: CE/SGS/ISO9001
Width: 1220mm
Length: 2400mm
Panel thickness: 2-6mm
Aluminum Thicknes 3mm-4mm
Color: as customer's requirement
Application: Outdoor
Core material: Low Density Polyethylene
Surface: PE/PVDF

We have 10 ...
  building glass 0
building glass
৳ 320
Dhaka , Dhaka
  • Ad Type : Offering
... to make your space a creative look. Also have high energetic team who are ready to serve you at anywhere in Bangladesh
Contact us for more details
Phone :01726996766,01766965111
Imo ...

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